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The Little Company That Could.

The success story known as the Cavanaugh Marketing Network is not about promotional products. It's about people who dared to dream.

Ordinary men and women whose extraordinary commitment drove a vision first created by a young entrepreneur amongst the scattered boxes in a cluttered college apartment… to the reality of a multimillion dollar promotional agency that has risen to the top 1% of its industry while growing over 8,000%.

It's about people committed to sharing a common spirit and resolve. To make the Cavanaugh Marketing Network… the Little Company That Could.

Overcoming adversity and considerable odds to successfully compete against industry giants. Relishing the role of the underdog in beating them at their own game. Just everyday people committed to raising the bar when it comes to the client experience.

"We'll take care of it," we said. And better than the big boys…we did.

Along the way, a funny thing happened.

Our customers became our biggest fans. Rooting for our success. Trusting us with more of their business. Referring others. Showing their appreciation for a team of overachievers whose commitment shows in office doors opening in the pre-dawn of the morning and office lights not going out until well into the evening's darkness.

No, it's never been about the t-shirts, hats, key chains or travel mugs.

It's been about people who have silenced the doubters by outlasting the competition with their inspiring commitment to build a world-class organization that has made the Cavanaugh Marketing Network…the Little Company That Could.

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